How About A List?

I enjoy a nice list.  Any kind really – grocery, to do, honey do – the list goes on and on.  Pun very much intended.  Before I get to my list post, here is a hilarious clip from Life’s Too Short.  It’s Liam Neeson explaining why he was chosen for Schindler’s List and doing some improv.  Watch the whole thing if you haven’t seen it already.

Moving on.  I realized yesterday that there are some songs that I love so much that I just can’t turn them off when they come on.  It doesn’t matter what is happening or if my children are screaming at me to turn it down.  I will not.  I must listen to and sing the entire song.  In no particular order, here are my favorites:

  • Baby Got Back, Sir Mix A Lot – You either love it or you hate.  There is absolutely no gray area where this song is concerned.  I sing or speak every single word.  Yep even the “Oh my gawd, Becky” part.
  • Laid, James – I listened to this song over and over and over my freshman year of college.  The girl living in the dorm room next to ours wrote “play a new song” on the white board hanging on our door.  That just bought her 10 more plays of this song – in a row!  Mess with the bull, young lady, you’ll get the horns!
  • I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston – This song was on my list even before she died.  Since Whitney passed on, it has now become one of Kamryn’s favorites.
  • American Girl, Tom Petty – Some may think that Silence of the Lambs would have ruined this song for me, but it just made me love the movie more.  I always have this on my running playlist.  It’s such a good workout song, but since I have to sing it, it usually uses up all of my energy reserves.  If you ever see me running and my lips are moving, but no sound is coming out – I’m singing, but I just don’t have enough breath to get out the words.
  • American Pie, Don Mclean – I know, I know – it’s so cliché, but aren’t the majority of the songs I have listed so far?  I used to sing this song to Kamryn when she was a baby and I needed to get in the a shower.  It was the longest song I knew all the lyrics to and as long as I was singing, she wouldn’t cry.  A full 8 minutes is long enough for anyone to get clean.
  • Me and Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin – Janis holds a very special place in my heart.  I dressed up as her for Halloween one year – bottle of SoCo and all – I need to see if I have a picture somewhere.  This was also my very first Karaoke song I ever sang.  Back when I was super cool and smoked Marlboro Reds, I pulled off a pretty nice impression of Janis.
  • Hurricane, Bob Dylan – I think this was the first song where I actually paid attention to the lyrics I was belting out.  I played the outraged teenager when I first heard this song.  You know, because I knew so much about the wrongs of society when I was 16.
  • It’s The End Of The World, R.E.M. – Yes, I did sit next to my boom box with a recording of this song that I got off the radio and wrote down all the lyrics.  Play, listen, pause, write, play, listen, rewind, listen, rewind, listen, rewind, listen…OH!, write.  I did it a lot with songs, but I am also sure I got at least 75% of these lyrics wrong.  Most tweens aren’t keen enough to identify Tell me with the rapture and the
    reverent in the right – right.  Who knows what I was singing or wrote down.  I would certainly love to find it though – it would be a good laugh.  I finally got the real lyrics a few years later and learned them from there, but I have a hard time getting them out now.  I better start practicing – December 21st is fast approaching.

That’s all of the list for now.  This has taken me forever to write because I had to sing each song (some more than once) before moving on to the next

What are your favorite, must listen to the whole song, songs?  Don’t be shy – I haven’t even mentioned the Meatloaf song yet and it isn’t Paradise By The Dashboard Light.