8 Day Celebration!

Last Friday I started off what may be my longest birthday celebration in all of my 36 years.  We went out, in style, with a group of friends to a Forever 27 Tribute show.  The bands featured all paid tribute to a singer who died when they were 27…Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison.

Me and “Jim” or as Ryan and I called him, “Lil Jim”.  I think I could have fit him my purse and took him home.

I got to play the role of groupie that night with my friend, Patty too.

I wanted to stand on the other side of the sign for the picture, but I was afraid of getting kicked out.

After a day of recovery, I celebrated my actual birthday.  It was fairly low key, as I tend to like to lay around and relax on my birthday.  I allow myself the same thing as I allow my children on their birthdays – I get to eat whatever I want all day long.  That’s really not any different from any other day, but I try not to eat a brunch of corned beef hash and eggs and then turn around and eat fried chicken later that day.

I took a couple of days off and then went in with both guns blazing for a pirate themed karaoke night last night.  Apparently, when you frequent a bar every Wednesday night for months on end, they decorate and reserve a couple of tables for you and your friends, give you free drinks and tolerate all of your shenanigans.

Aaaaaarrrrrrrrg!  Eva, Jessica, Patty and me.

And if you are really lucky, you get homemade s’mores cupcakes.

Megan makes delicious cupcakes…these had a layer of graham cracker on the bottom.

I’m taking another couple of days to recover before I finally end my 8 day celebration on Saturday with one last night out with my boob group friends.  I have never stretched out a birthday for longer than a day or two and the unfortunate thing is that I should have been having these week long fiestas about 15 years ago when recovery days were more of an inconvenient break in fun, rather than mandatory days of rest.






Today I am publishing my 200th blog post!  I started this blog a little over a year ago and while I didn’t actually have a purpose for starting it, I have enjoyed writing it.

Starting January 1st of 2012, I made a commitment to post something every day.  I’m trying to improve my writing with the hopes of actually attempting to write a book one day.  Some days are a real struggle to come up with something to write about.  I use Kamryn and Rory a lot for inspiration, my mediocre crafting skills and feeding my family as go to topics when I’m really in need of something.

I thought about how I could commemorate my 200th blog post and at first I thought I would have a giveaway.  Not only could I not come up with an acceptable prize to give away, but only one person would win.  And really, I think of you all as winners.

So, after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to use a post that I have had in my back pocket for awhile.  I knew I was going to post about it at some point, but I felt it needed to be a special event.  I have decided to share my birthing video with all of you!  Of course I’m not going to do that, but this is one of those instances where you go from “Oh, God, please no!”  to “Oh, that’s not so bad.”  Instead, I put together a montage of some of my karaoke performances!  YAY!  Besides, I don’t have a birthing video.

Get ready to be entertained…in one way or another.


She Makes Being A Mom Awesome

Kamryn is 5 1/2 years old, finishing up her first “real” year of school and yet when I look at her, sometimes I see this very grown-up little person.  I watch her teach Rory simple arithmetic, sometimes including all of their fingers and toes on the really complex problems.  If he happens to guess the right answer, she praises him with a “Good job, Buddy!”  At times, her patience is infinite and her voice calm and soothing with the little 3 year old who idolizes and mimics her every move.

Kamryn reading books to Rory.

That version of Kamryn amazes me and leaves me in complete awe.  Luckily, that Kamryn is around about 95% of the time.  Those that know her, know she can be generally found with a big smile on her face.

The other day she told me, “I’m starting to be a mommy.  One, I drank a whole can of Sprite.  Two, I chew with my mouth closed.  And second, I take my own showers.”  (No, there isn’t a typo in that sentence, that is how she said it.)  She proceeded to tell me that now I only have to wash two people everyday…myself and Rory.

I have to admit that her stating that she was starting to be a mommy had me a little bit concerned because she does have a slight obsession with babies right now.  But after she explained herself, I understood what she was getting at.  I’m a mommy and although she is what identifies me as such, it’s what I do outside of being her mother that she associates as a mom privilege.  For example, every Wednesday night I go out with friends to sing Karaoke.  All of my friends are moms as well so Kamryn makes comments like “I wish I was a mom so I could go to Karaoke too.”

Karaoke makes me super happy.

I like that Kamryn thinks she has to be a mom to do some of the fun things that I do.  I know she’ll realize one day that isn’t the case, but it’s a nice reminder that my fun didn’t end once I had kids.  It’s a little different and possibly a bit tamer (except maybe on Hump Day Karaoke nights), but still fun.  And what Kamryn really doesn’t realize is that if I didn’t have her and Rory, I would be missing out on a lot more fun.  We’re going to Legoland today and if I didn’t have kids, I am pretty certain I wouldn’t be going to an amusement park on a Wednesday afternoon.

A picture from our last Legoland Adventure.