Rethinking Preschool

There is a chance that Rory will be starting preschool in a couple of weeks.  I am on a waiting list to get him in, but decided to follow up and see if there had been any pre-preschool dropouts in the meantime.  I was told that there may be a spot for him, but they wouldn’t know for sure for a week or two.  I told her I wasn’t in any hurry and 2 weeks would actually be ideal for a start date.

This morning when I dropped Kamryn off at school, she was all smiles and didn’t have a care in the world.  It made it really easy on me as well.  I know this has a lot to do with her being in her Pre-K class last year, being familiar with the school, having the same teacher and seeing lots of familiar faces.  It didn’t even phase me that my little girl was starting kindergarten.Then I saw my friend, Patty.  She just sent her two youngest girls off for their first day of kindergarten and she was a little glum.  Poor Patty.  I still have Rory to send off to school so I know I have two years before I need to face that realization that there will be no more 1st days of kindergarten.

I went home and started organizing the kitchen to accommodate all the food I bought at Costco last night so I could easily make Kamryn’s lunch in the morning.  That got me thinking…if Rory starts preschool, he’ll go 3 days a week.  At first that was so exciting for me.  I thought of all the things I could get done during a week, but seriously, after about 2 weeks, what else am I going to do?  And then, I was the glum one.  I started to get all teary-eyed thinking of sending my little boy to preschool.

Someone once asked me if I just had Rory for entertainment purposes.  Well, no…I had no idea he would be as entertaining as he is, that’s just a bonus.  Today I got a super bonus.

I had to go to Home Depot to pick up some plumbing supplies.  (Note to self, don’t become a plumber.  It sucks.)  I still had 45 minutes before I had to pick up Kamryn and it wasn’t worth it to go home and leave again so we went over to Ross to browse.  I picked out a couple of things for the kids – a first day of school present – I don’t know why I insist on spoiling my children.  Anyway, we were standing in line and a very short man walked past Rory and I.

Now, Rory is barely 3 feet tall himself, and this man, while he wasn’t technically a Little Person, he was a very short man.  He was probably in his mid to late 60’s, and not quite 5 feet tall.

The minute Rory saw him, his eyes got wide.  I was already biting the inside of my cheek just because of Rory’s reaction.  But then, he turned to me and shouted, “That guy is LITTLE!”  I heard a couple of snickers behind me and I now had my teeth fully imbedded into the flesh in my cheek.  I stood, looking straight ahead of me as the little man turned and looked in our direction.

That got Rory a little too excited and he started to say it again!  He got out, “Mama, look at that…” and I nudged him on the arm and said the first thing that popped in my head, “Come on, we need to go get Sissy!”  That was enough of an interruption to at least stop him mid-sentence.

Luckily, it was our turn to pay and we got the hell out of there.  I stepped outside and out came the suppressed laughter.  Rory asked me what I was laughing at, I told him I was laughing at him and he got pissed.  Ahhh, Rory, you must stay home with me and be my little jester for just a bit longer.

I Saw My Future

Today was the day that Kamryn found out who her kindergarten teacher would be.  The teacher she had last year, Mrs. M, informed us that she would be moving up to the kindergarten instead of staying as the PEPP class for the ’12-’13 school year.  Then she casually said that if we wanted to have her as a teacher again, we could request her – there would be no guarantees, but it would be considered.

I immediately ran into the office and wrote out a request to have Mrs. M again for kindergarten.  Kamryn adored her and I did too.

I never told Kamryn that there was a chance that she could have Mrs. M again – in fact, I didn’t even tell her that Mrs. M was going to be a kindergarten teacher instead of the PEPP teacher.  I know she didn’t consider it a possibility to have the same teacher again because all throughout the summer, she would make comments about missing Mrs. M.

For the last couple of days, I found myself thinking about the different scenarios surrounding the announcement of kindergarten teachers.  The first scenario involved Kamryn not getting Mrs. M.  I envisioned myself telling her who her teacher was going to be and trying to act really excited, but I would be secretly heartbroken because once Kamryn found out that she could have had Mrs. M…well, I could see her little heart breaking too.

The second scenario involved me telling Kamryn that she got Mrs. M!  She would jump up into my lap with a huge smile on her face and give me a hug.  Now you may think this is crazy, but that is exactly what happened.  Seriously – no lie.  I know my kids.  I asked her who she thought her teacher was going to be and she said Mrs. B (my second choice) and I told her “No.”  Her face kind of fell and she said “I don’t know anyone else.”  I told her she was going to have Mrs. M again and her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she jumped in my lap.

This is kindergarten.  Kinder…garten.  I was texting my friend, Kate, and telling her I was nervous waiting for the phone call.  She confessed that she was as well, which makes me feel better.  The thing is, I had heard from multiple people that there wasn’t a bad kindergarten teacher, but I really had my heart set on Mrs. M and to have Kamryn not get her would have been hard on me.

This will most likely continue for the next 12 years and then kick into overdrive on the 13th year when Kamryn is going to college.  I hope she understands that I’ll have to open her mail if it has a return address from a college or university.