Mommy, What’s A Virgin?

We were in the car driving to soccer last week when Like A Virgin came on the radio.  I was singing along when I started thinking that I was only 8 years old when this song came out, but I very clearly remember singing along to it.  It was also at the height of MTV where they not only played videos, but they played all the Top 40 videos all day long.  Madonna, Prince, U2, A-Ha and the like were all they played.  It did not suck.

It was the first time that it actually made me wonder what my parents thought of their 8 year old daughter singing the lyrics to this song.  However, I can say with 100% certainty that I had no idea what a virgin was and from watching the video, Madge does not do a good job of alluding to the definition.

I loved that dress and probably would have given my left arm for it, but then I would only get to wear one of the lacy gloves, so I take that back.

I went to a Catholic school so it wasn’t uncommon to hear the word “virgin” in connection with Mary, but I also know that I didn’t know how babies were made at that age so that was kind of an ambiguous title in my mind.  I received my first lesson in sex ed when I was in Mr. Murphy’s 4th grade class.  I still didn’t completely understand the ins and outs (hee hee) because when given the opportunity to ask an anonymous question (we wrote our questions down and put them in a box.) I asked “Can you have sex with a nightgown on?”  I still remember Mr. Murphy’s answer, “Yes, you can, but you can’t wear underwear.”  Well, that’s not entirely true, Mr. Murphy, but now I see where you were going with that answer.

I snapped back to reality during the 2nd chorus of the song when Madonna is really drawing out the viiiiiiIIIIiiiiiirrrgin.  That’s when I changed the station.  The last thing I needed was Kamryn asking questions about virgins.  She was watching Scooby- Doo the other day and she got all embarrassed and even blushed because Fred and Daphne kissed at the end – obviously she’s not quite ready for that type of discussion.