My To Do Lists

I was recently at my parent’s house, going through some of my boxes from years gone by.  I used to keep a lot of really useless crap.  I think I knew, even at the time I was throwing the items in the box, that it was crap as one of the boxes was labeled “School Shit”.  I kept every notebook from college, every test, and even my calendar, called an Events Tracker, that I documented each chapter that I was to read on any given day.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that 75% of those chapters were either not read or not read until the night before the day where “Midterm” or “Final” was scribbled in it’s dated box.

I was skimming through my Events Tracker and came across a page with a “To Do” list written at the top.  This is from February 1995.

Note that I was supposed to tan at 6:30, on Tuesday, in February, in Iowa.

Close up of the “Goals” for the week.

I found this whole thing so hilarious.  For instance, on Tuesday, the same day I was supposed to tan, I have written “Othello”.  I don’t remember what class this was for, but one would assume that I was to have read the great Shakespearean Tragedy by this date.  Yet, I am just getting around to obtaining the cliffnotes that very week.  I actually remember getting the cliffnotes for Othello and reading about as much of those as I had of the actual play.  I think I settled on watching the movie and I’m guessing that sufficed.

I love the sad state of my finances as well.  I’m not sure what I mean by “Get check from work”.  I don’t remember having a job my freshman year of college.  I am assuming the “Transfer $” was code for, Call Dad and ask him to transfer some of his money into my account so I can pay this ticket that I got.  I can’t remember what the ticket was for, but being the educated, college graduate that I am, I’m going to say that it was for imbibing before the ripe old age of 21.  Back in my day, the fine was a measly $35, but apparently I had already spent all my money on beer and was in need of financial assistance to resolve the issue.

I’ll say I never did put things in any kind of priority order.  Things were and still are on a first come to my mind, first written down basis.  I still keep all kinds of lists.  I have lists for things I want to buy one day, lists for groceries, to do lists, crafts I want to try, dinners for the week, etc.  However, a lot of these lists get made, but never referred to again.  I may accomplish what I set out to do, but I didn’t need a list to get it done.  Here is my latest to do list:


The only thing I have left to do on this list are making the dentist and the primary care appointments.  I have successfully completely all of the other items. 

If I was given the chance to relive (not redo) any part of my life, it would be college.  I wasn’t a fan of the classes until the last 2 years, but I had some of the most fun of my life during that time and met a lot of my life long friends in those (*cough*) five years.  That being said, my to do lists now may be boring and mundane, but they are so much easier.  Maybe I would just want to revisit a week of my college years.  My college list contains some of the things I loathe the most, like finding a job.  Finding a shirt for Rory was a piece of cake and I didn’t have to answer questions about what my best and worst qualities are.