Rory As Turtleman

Until about a month ago, I had never head of Turtleman or Live Action.  My brother discovered Turtleman on Call Of The Wildman and insisted that Rory watch it.

Basically, Ernie, AKA, Turtleman is called upon to catch animals that have shown up in people’s houses, businesses or farms.  What makes Ernie different than any other animal or pest control business is that he catches these animals with his bare hands and throws them into a burlap sack to be released elsewhere.  Also, Ernie’s payments range from a cooler full of steaks to a private banjo concert by some well known banjo player…I’m not up on my banjo players so I can’t recall the name of the guy.

Anyway, I showed Rory and Kamryn an episode of Call Of The Wildman and they were both hooked…screaming out “Live Action!” at any and every possible moment.

Yesterday, Rory spotted a spider running across the floor.  After his initial scream, he ran and got a tissue and tried to catch it.  I grabbed my camera and recorded him.  If you turn it up, you can hear Rory saying “Turtleman!” over and over as he’s trying to squish the spider.