All My Friends Are Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking

Kamryn & Bug
I have a friend.  Let’s call her Mo ‘cause that’s her name.  Mo and I met in January after our daughters hit it off at preschool.  Kamryn and “Bug”, as her mother affectionately calls her, were practically instant BFF’s and love to play together.  Unfortunately, next year they will be separated.  Bug is heading off to kindergarten and Kamryn is going to a pre-K program at a yet undetermined school.  While Mo and I still intend on getting the kids together for playdates when we can, it’s our tri-weekly playdate that is going to be most missed.
For the last 5 months, Mo and I have sat on the playground at our daughters’ preschool and had some grown up conversation for at least an hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We even took our friendship to the next level and went out one night to see if we could tolerate each other outside of our familiar setting.  As it turns out, we didn’t need our kids as little safety nets.  We could actually maintain a conversation all by ourselves.  We didn’t even talk about kids!
This may not seem like a big deal, but riddle me this: When was the last time, as an adult, you made a new friend?  I’m not talking about a casual acquaintance, but a real friend, someone you actually enjoy being around.  I’ll admit, having kids and then meeting someone who also has kids, opens the door of communication.  If you find you have nothing to talk about, it’s always easy to revert to some discussion about how you went about potty training or some other mundane child instruction when there is a lull in the conversation.

As my newest friend, there are things that Mo is still finding out about me and me her, but she made me aware of something after reading my penpal post.  I have no ugly friends.  Now, granted, not everyone is Miss USA material, although, I do have a friend who was asked to partake in the pageant, but I do not associate with ugly people.  I don’t feel like I have done this intentionally, but I’m a little concerned that maybe I need to seek out a few bottom dwellers to diversify my friend assemblage.  Or, and this may be more likely, I do have unattractive friends, but their wonderful personality has blinded me to their repugnance.  Mo swears that isn’t the case, but she’s from Poland…and you know what they say about Polacks.