This won’t go down in history…

The last 24 hours have not been the best.  Yesterday, the children were doing their absolute best to break me by seeing how much they could whine before I completely lost it.  I know they were just messing with me because any child that whines nonstop for over an hour certainly can’t be serious, right?  It started on our way home from Kamryn’s orientation.  We walked the 1/2 mile to school and thus had to walk the 1/2 mile back home.  It was a little warm yesterday, but if you could have heard Kamryn, you would have thought we were forcing her to trek through the Sahara with only her own urine to drink.

Once we were home and Kamryn had some “cold water with ice” (Kamryn’s favorite drink), she bounced back was excited about school the next day – even making her new teacher a picture.  She called her Mrs. Puff, which I found absolutely hilarious because 1) That is Spongebob’s teacher’s name and 2) I’m sure she is going to make that mistake in school.  Don’t worry, I corrected her and told her that her teacher is Mrs. Moffat, but I wish I could see the look on her teacher’s face when Kamryn calls her Mrs. Puff – it will happen.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful, but I couldn’t sleep.  I wasn’t worried, anxious or scared about anything…I just couldn’t sleep.  I finally fell asleep at 12:30 after watching Life As We Know It.  I have decided that Katherine Heigl is atrocious.  I liked her in Knocked Up, but I find her bitchy and boring and no, I have never watched “Greys”, nor will I ever.

I lost my focus, which is understandable because my lovely little buddy, Rory, thought 4:45 is a perfect wake up time.  I fought with him until 6:00 before I finally gave up and let him stay up.  However, the commotion we were making woke up Kamryn.  Luckily, she was so excited to go to school, that she wasn’t crabby.  The one positive is that we had more than enough time to get to school without having to rush.

After a couple of criticisms from Kamryn about what I was wearing to drop her off (today is my run day so I had on my work out gear and hadn’t showered), we were in the car and off to school.  We had to park about 2 blocks away and walk, but that was expected so we were prepared.  However, once we were about to walk through the gates of school, I realized Kamryn didn’t grab her snack from the car.  And when I brought that to her attention, she realized that she also forgot the picture for her teacher.  This was also after I had been snapping some pictures and was getting a 14 year old attitude from my 4 year old about taking the pictures.  She also wouldn’t hold my hand.  These may be the last 1st day of school pictures for Kamryn ever!

Note the picture for her teacher in her hand on the way to the car.

Kamryn asked after this one: “Why are you taking my picture already?”
Kamryn was a bit put out by this picture, but it was necessary.

Not walking with me, not holding my hand, she actually didn’t even want me to walk her to her classroom.

Taking just a peak inside before heading in for the day.

We booked it back to the car after dropping Kamryn off in her classroom, ran her snack and picture into her and then headed home.  Rory, naturally fell asleep on the way home, but Ryan is staying home from work with a back issues (another obstacle in our house) so he took him home and I got my run in without interruption.  That always perks me up, but I pushed myself a little harder than usual and now that my runners high has dissipated, I am exhausted.  No time to rest, though – it’s time to go pick Kamryn up from school!