Dear Amy?

I am taking some serious consideration into embarking on a new career.  I usecareer loosely because I think for something to be a career, you usually get paid.  I haven’t discovered the money making part of it yet.

The person I spend the most “grown-up” time with is Ryan and if you told him he had to describe me in one word, I don’t think he would argue if you suggested opinionated as that one word.  Just out of curiosity, I asked him what word he would actually pick and he chose engaging.  His justification was:

You have things to say.  You take an interest in what other people are talking about and you care.  Engaging.  You’re engaged.

I have to agree with his word choice – maybe more with his justification, but nonetheless, I agree.  This was actually an excellent segue into my new career choice prospect.

I want to have an advice column.  I have no problem giving unsolicited advice, but I’m curious how I would respond to someone actually asking for my opinion about something.   I admit, I am more interested in just what people are having a hard time figuring out on their own, but I do enjoy a good conundrum.

The only thing that I know for sure is that I will have the world’s biggest disclaimer on my column.  ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!!!  NOT A LICENSED ANYTHING BUT DRIVER!!!  You get the point.