Space Bags

Today I bought some Space Bags.  Normally, I’m not a big fan of buying anything I see on TV, but in my effort to organize and make more room, I did a quick analysis of what was taking up the most area.

I have bins upon bins of clothes that the kids have outgrown, duvets, comforters, pillows, sleeping bags, sheets and enough blankets to cover all the homeless sleeping on the beaches.  It seems that I should be making a donation to my local Goodwill, but these are things I don’t want to get rid of.  Most of those blankets are homemade baby blankets and I like to switch out the duvets every once and awhile.

I started off taking the biggest and bulkiest of the linens and shrinking them down into almost nothing.  Next up were the baby blankets…sucked flat as a pancake.  I had used 3 of the 5 bags and I had freed up one huge bin and a 3’x2′ box, which I did throw away.  I only had one bag left since the 5th bag is a travel bag, which I intend to use for just that.

I could probably get a whole other set of the Space Bags and fill them up.  I haven’t decided if I’ll do that yet or not, but with this last bag, I can’t decide what to use it for.  What lucky box of clothes, sheets or pillows gets to go into that last bag?  I can’t decide!

Whenever I find a product that I really like, I try to find a billion ways to use it.  For example, Mod Podge.  I was Mod Podging anything and everything I could get my hands on.  My glue gun is another favorite.  When I heat that sucker up – if you don’t want it glued, you better make sure it’s at a safe distance from the length of the cord.  So now I think I need to go back and buy another box of Space Bags because every which way I turn, I am thinking, I could put that in a Space Bag.

We spent $30 and have increased the area in our house to a much more tolerable level.  That is as long as we don’t buy anything else and don’t need to get anything out of the boxes stacked in the kids’ closets.

Expletive Title

I had big plans today.  Big!  Huge!  After taking a peek at our credit card statement from last month, I discovered that we spent $6 more last month at restaurants than we did at the grocery store.  I was obviously a bit disappointed at my laziness and today was the day that I had to turn it around.

A few months ago, I declared that I was going to do a post each Monday with our family menu for the week.  Actually, it was the menu of the previous week so I could review any new recipes that I had tried.  I think I only posted about 4 weeks of menus, but I kept it the actual menu planning for close to 5 months.

I’m not sure what happened, but sometime within the last couple of months, I got incredibly lazy.  We were eating out all the time and when I did make something at home, it was a super processed meal – not the from scratch stuff that I was making before.  I noticed that the scale was starting to move in the wrong direction as well which never makes anyone happy.

Today I sat down and decided that I needed to get back into the habit of meal planning, but in order to ensure that I really stuck with it, I was planning for an entire month.  I sat down and started to flip through all my recipes and Pinterest to find out what everyone else was eating.

Recipe Mayhem!

I am still only buying groceries one week at a time because our deep freeze is currently being used as storage until we move into a house.

I had my list all ready to go, packed up the kids and off we headed to the store.  I was pretty happy – I was feeling organized and like I really had my shit together.  I pulled into my parking spot, grabbed my reusable shopping bags (so proud of myself for remembering those!) and went to grab my pur- SON-OF-A-BITCH!  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????  I forgot my purse.

For a split second, I thought, I’ll just start my organization tomorrow, but tomorrow is my running day and as ironic as it sounds, I don’t like to do too much on the days I run.  I drove home, got my purse and went right back to the store.  It really only added about 15 minutes to my trip and Kamryn and Rory were very cooperative.  It didn’t hurt that the grocery store that I frequent plays the best 90’s music and singing in the aisles always makes me happy.

I still have a few more days before I finish my entire month of meals.  Tomorrow, I’ll work on posting this week’s menu so if you are at a loss as to what to feed your family, check back and I’ll have some ideas for you.

Feb 1st!

Woo-hoo!  I made it through an entire month of posting, bitches!  I think I had 3 or 4 days where I was really at a loss of what to write and ended up my way through….ahhhh college.  I got an “A” in Philosophy in college which means I got an “A” in Bullshitting.  Seriously – isn’t that really what philosophy is?  My apologies to all you philosophy majors – you can go back to your accounting jobs now.

I’m trying to get myself a little more organized lately.  I have a list of pretty important things I need to get done.  Doctor appointments, dentist appointments, car appointments.  Basically a lot of appointments.  I kind of like the idea of getting all of these things done before someone sends me a nasty gram saying my car is going to explode if I don’t get the oil changed.

I want to share what I did this afternoon.  I finished Kamryn’s Valentines for school and her party isn’t for TWO weeks.  I’m pretty excited that these are done, but what tends to happen when I do things early is there ends up being some kind of guideline or rule that comes out after the fact, and my proactivity turns into a mad scramble to fix what I did to accommodate said rule.  I think this is pretty safe since there is no candy included, but who knows.

Total cost for 25 Valentines = $7.70.  I know you can do Valentines for much cheaper, but I think these turned out really cute.

Kamryn's Valentines: Pencil and pads from Target. Pictures printed at Costco.