A Horrible Poem

I’m not sure why but for some reason my mind thinks in rhymes when I’m tired.  I apologize in advance.

I glance at the clock and it reads 1:33,

Can I fall back asleep?  Nope, I gotta pee.

I do my business and get back into bed,

But I know no rest will come for this sleepyhead.


Suddenly, at 2:07, from Rory’s room I hear a shout,

“Mommy!” he yells…Damn, I know his binky fell out.

I search all around his bed without a light,

This fucking binky is going to ruin my entire night!


Binky was found and the boy is fast asleep,

For the rest of the night I won’t hear the slightest peep.

This doesn’t help me, it’s now 2:44,

Please let me sleep…just a little bit more!


Fine, I’ll get up and go watch some TV.

There’s nothing on but infomercials for Insanity.

Yay!  I have DVR’d 4 episodes of Parenthood!

A few of those will do me good.


I watch 2 full episodes and now it’s almost 4,

There’s no point in trying to sleep anymore.

I make a pot of coffee and have two mugs,

There’s no way I’ll make it through the day without some drugs.


I hop in the shower, I’m sure everyone will be up with I get out,

Nope, everyone’s still sleeping.  “Wake the fuck up!”  I want to shout.

My total sleep time is a mere 2 hours or maybe 3.

Either way it’s not enough…that I can guarantee!