10 Things In My Purse

One thing I haven’t really taken advantage of in my daily blogging is linking up a post to other sites.  Linking up can be a response to what someone else had blogged about where they ask a question about an experience you had.  Others are just similar topics – like when I use a writing prompt from Bloggy Moms.  Really, there’s an infinite number of reasons a blogger could send out the invite to other bloggers to link your blog to theirs.

Today I’m responding to Mommy Huh’s Tuesday 10.  I could go into the whole back story about how I came across Jen’s (I get to call her that because I asked) blog.  But that is a post for another time.  The short story is that we were both doing a blog challenge and one of the day challenges was to find a blogging buddy.  We happened to bond over how ridiculous we both thought the term blogging buddy was.  We have never met face to face; Jen lives in DC and I live in San Diego, but we have exchanged tons of emails – a modern day pen pal, if you will.  Some may have remember my last pen pal experience and lucky for me I have nothing to worry about.

I know it’s Wednesday, but linking up to Jen’s post also made me clean out my purse. 

  1. Receipts:  I don’t keep receipts for anything.  At least not intentionally.  If I do think there is a chance I’ll have to return something, I’ll put the receipt on my dresser where it will inevitably be lost.  These are receipts that have been shoved in my purse after recent transactions and were thrown away once the picture was taken.
  2. Immunization Records:  Probably not the best place to have these, but I had them in my purse so I wouldn’t forget to bring them along on the kid’s doctor appointments.  And since their birthdays are 5 months apart, I thought it best to keep them in my purse instead of having to remember twice a year to find them.
  3. Band-aids:  I have two small kids – who doesn’t need band-aids?  The problem is that I always forget I have them because they are in a zipper compartment that I never look in.
  4. Sunglasses Bag:  I never use this.  I just shove my sunglasses up on my head and at home I throw them in a basket or on the counter.
  5. Matches:  I got these at The Fish Market in December in anticipation of Rory’s birthday in March.  I’m not kidding.  Last year we had to scrounge around for a lighter or matches.  I have been known to use the stove to light a paper towel on fire and use that to light candles.
  6. Pixi Eye Bright Primer:  They were handing these out at Target and I thought they were lip gloss so I threw them in my purse.  It was a sad day when I needed lip gloss and pulled one of these out to find out this crap goes on my eyes.  I still have never used it.
  7. FortunesPatience is your ally at the moment.  Don’t worry!  That was Kamryn’s and very fitting for my little worry wart.  Rory’s fortune was You will soon gain something you have always wanted.  I don’t know what that could have possibly been or if he has gained it yet.
  8. Raffle Tickets:  My neighborhood grocer gives each customer a raffle ticket to win a $25 gift card for the store if you bring in your own bags.  I haven’t won yet.
  9. Card Holder:  This little pouch was part of a bridesmaid gift from my friend Kelley’s wedding.  I use it for all my gift cards, store credit cards and membership cards.
  10. Pens:  Of course – you always need pens.  The one on the left is from The Peabody Hotel in Memphis.  I always take the pens from hotel rooms.  I like how they write.  I stole as many Peabody ones as I could because they look fancy and they write super smooth.

All of this is held in my Coach purse.  This is the very first real designer bag I have ever owned (I have tons of fakes).  The only reason I got it was because it was 70% off and because it doesn’t have the brand anywhere on the outside.  I’ll buy something for quality, but I’ll leave the flashy brand stuff to the high school girls.

I also have another wallet that goes in my purse and that is filled with credit cards, insurance cards and loose change.  I actually use this orange thing almost as much as my purse.  And I guess this was technically my first designer bag.  It was kind of expensive and I had never even heard of the brand before, but it was exactly what I wanted.