The last couple of days have been full of questions.  None of which are related, but nonetheless, have kept me pondering all sorts of things.
1)      If your car pays homage to your Alma Mater, shouldn’t you drive like you know what the fudge you are doing?  Whenever I am behind someone who has a bumper sticker, license plate holder or other symbol commemorating their school and they drive like a moron, I immediately assume that all people who attended “X” University is also a moron.  For the record, today, everyone who went to Ohio State is an idiot.  Suck it Buckeyes!
2)      Can you paint a toilet?  I’m not talking about the inside…gross.  I had a dream last night that I was actually going to paint my toilet.  I’m not sure what method I was going to use, but it got me wondering, why don’t people have more colorful commodes?  White isn’t an optimal color for what goes on in there.  I may be on to something here. 
3)      Should I accept a friend request from someone that I thought had died?  I mean, are we really friends?  Shouldn’t I know if you have passed on?  Decisions, decisions.  I’m going to sit on this one for awhile.  Hopefully, this person doesn’t succumb to an early demise in the meantime. 
4)      Can Adam Scott be any dreamier?  Don’t worry, Ryan knows of my obsession and he somewhat encourages it, ie letting me know when Adam is on TV.  Because of Ryan’s acceptance of my fascination, I discovered that both Adam and Ryan have the same hair and the same facial hair growth pattern.  Who’s the lucky girl now?
5)      Where in the hell is the green cup?  We live in a small condo and somehow my children have misplaced the green Tupperware cup.  There was a time a few months ago that I kept smelling spoiled milk, but could never pinpoint it.  I have rearranged the furniture in nearly every room and the green cup has never resurfaced.
6)      And finally, if a movie is casting a role that warrants an accent, is it really impossible to find someone of that nationality to fill the role?  You can’t tell me that an American doing a French accent is more authentic than a French person just speaking.  What sparked this inquisition was my love of the show, House.  I adore Hugh Laurie, don’t get me wrong, but was there absolutely no one else that could have filled that role?  Or, would it have been absurd for Hugh to speak his native dialect?  When I hear American actors speaking in foreign accents, it sounds so forced and distracts me. 
So there you have it.  Those are the things that keep absolutely do NOT keep me up at night, but I am usually thinking about when no one is looking.