Flashback Friday

The photo in yesterday’s post could have easily been part of the Flashback Friday series because there certainly looks like there should be a story behind that photo, but alas, I do not know what prompted a photo of me holding a jar of pickles.  However, there is something very interesting about the date of that photo.  My friend, Janis, told me I looked like I was 14 in that picture and when I glanced at the back of the photo to see when it was taken, I discovered it had been taken exactly 18 years prior to the day of the post.  Not one or two days off; the date on the back says 2/16/94.  Which means I was 17, not 14.

I’m sure you are rereading that paragraph because I’m pretty sure that just blew your mind, but let’s move on to this Friday’s photo.

I randomly pulled this photo out of one of my photo boxes.  This is my parent’s backyard from a house that they lived in from 1992 to 2002-ish.  It was obviously in winter, but I have no idea what date.  The date the photo was developed was some time in July of 2000.

This is one of those finish-the-roll photos.  Not that digital photography needs any additional acclamation, but just one more thing that we no longer have to contend with when it comes to rolls of film are actually finishing them.

I almost always had film in my camera when I was younger, but sometimes those rolls of film would span months before they were completely used and ready for developing.  It would happen, on occasion, that I would want those pictures developed much sooner and would then take pictures of completely mundane things just to fill the roll.  Far be it from me to think outside the box and take a photo of snow covered trees or venture out into the snow to take a picture of the rolling hills that were literally right across the street.  I can’t tell for certain, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t even open the door, just took the photo through the glass.

The funny thing about finish-the-roll photos, or FTR’s, are that I actually kept them.  Once I had my cat, Shmoopy, he became the subject of many of the FTR’s, which is kind of nice because I have a lot of pictures to remember him by now.  But before Shmoopy, there were a ridiculous amount of nature shots that I’m sure I thought were going to come out like some Ansel Adams landscape and instead look like a bench, covered in snow, in my parent’s backyard.