My Kind Of Mother’s Day

Since becoming a mother more than 5 years ago, I have had a couple of different kinds of Mother’s Days.  I have had quiet ones at home and others where I left my kids at home and went out with my mom and got a little tipsy at a local winery.

Today may go down as one of my favorites.  The kids both slept until almost 7:00, which is considered sleeping in at out house.  Once everyone was up, Kamryn made me cereal and I called my mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.  It was shaping up to be a great day.

Next, I had a lengthy internal debate with myself on whether I was going to run.  Ryan is in Iowa so I had to run on the treadmill instead of outside and I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that.  The deciding factor was that we were planning on going to the beach so I thought it would be good to squeeze in that workout to boost the bikini confidence.

With my workout complete, all I had to do was shower, gather my beach essentials and load the children in the car.  I had a slight freak out while getting everyone’s shoes on.  Rory can’t keep track of his shoes to save his soul.  One will be in the kitchen and the other in my closet.  Or one on the deck and the other under the couch.  It’s infuriating to try and locate his shoes when we are trying to get out the door.  What really got me was that he had them on less than 20 minutes prior, yet they were nowhere to be found.  After searching for a good 5 minutes, I stuffed his feet in some sandals from last year and booted him out the door.

Big shovels are essential for any beach experience.

I think Kamryn was trying to make a “snow”ball.

I love the beach.  It’s probably the #1 reason I live in San Diego.  Even with two kids to look after, it’s still one of the most relaxing places to be.

The weather was just perfect today.  It was sunny and warm and even the water was warm enough to get in without feeling like you may succumb to hypothermia.  My favorite days at the beach are those where you can lay there forever and not sweat or get chilled.  I have always tried to describe how it feels to me.  When the air and your body are at the perfect temperature, it’s almost like you can’t feel anything.  It’s a little bizarre, but also pretty much awesome.

This is only allowed pre-dinner. After dinner could have been a disaster.

After we had our fill of fun in the sun, we joined our friends for dinner at a nearby diner.  It turned out to be a pretty popular destination so to pass the time while we waited for our table, the kids took advantage of a nearby grassy hill to roll down.


I forgot to pack extra shorts for Rory so he is wearing some of Kamryn’s capri pants. They had lace on the bottoms so I had to fold that part under.



Once we sat down at our table, I perused the menu and found the perfect dinner to have on Mother’s Day.  What better way to commemorate my 5th official year as a mom than eating a burger with the same name as my second born?

A Rory burger AND an Elvis reference??? I think I do!