Summer Camp

We’re spending a nice evening at home tonight watching Meatballs (1979).  I remember watching this movie over and over when I was a kid.  Meatballs, along with one of the Judy Blume books made summer camp seem like the absolute coolest place in the world.  The most appealing aspect was sleeping in bunk beds in a cabin and having Bill Murray being my camp counselor.  I never got to go to summer camp.  I didn’t get to hang out with Spaz, Crockett, Hardware or Rudy (who I had a little crush on.)

Ryan asked Kamryn if she wanted to go to summer camp.  He made the mistake of telling her that we would send her and Rory to summer camp and then he and I would go somewhere fun.  Kamryn has absolutely no interest in summer camp now.

Little does Kamryn know that she’ll be going on a week long retreat when she starts 6th grade (in 7 years).  I better get her some Judy Blume books and we’ll have to watch Meatballs again.  I did catch her participating in the “It Just Doesn’t Matter” chant, though, so I think there’s a chance.