Flashback Friday

Ahhhh, yes, my friends it is that time again.  The time where I let you into a moment of my past.  This week, I decided to pick a picture.  I know I said each picture I picked would be at random, but it’s my blog and I’ll do as I wish.  And, truth be told, it was kind of random.  I thought of it this afternoon at about 2:30.

I have had somewhat of a busy day (according to my standards).  We dropped Kamryn off at school, but each Friday they have an assembly where kids get awards, they play a game and they have general announcements that usually parents need to know about.  Following Friday Flag (the name of the assembly), I had to run to the store and then make it back to Kamryn’s school by 10:00 to volunteer.  After school, we had a playdate with one of Kamryn’s friends from school and then another playdate with our Boob Class friends.

Huh, you say?  Boob Class?  This was the name that Ryan gave my Breast Feeding Support Group that I went to after having Kamryn.  I had no issues with breast feeding Kamryn, but I was told to go to this group the day I took her home from the hospital.  I remember thinking, I have to go to this group!  The nurse said I had to go!  So, I had Ryan drop me and my 6 day old baby off back at the same hospital that we had just left a day prior so I could learn the ins and outs of breastfeeding.

I remember that first day like it was yesterday.  I even remember what I wore (black knit pant gouchos and a pink wrap shirt).  I walked into the room and as the “newbie” it is required of all the other veteran mothers to oooh and aaaah over my baby.  We went around the room and introduced ourselves and I when I gave the age of my baby, there were a couple of gasps.  Yep – I was exposing my less than a week old baby to the public.  I had honestly never heard the “don’t take your baby out in public for 2 weeks” rule.  Kamryn was all over the place and I feel like now she has a immune system made of steel.

Over the course of the next 5 months, I religiously attended my Boob Class every Monday and Friday.  I soon became one of the veteran breast feeders and was even on a news story about the best time to have kids.  Over the course of those months, I had made friendships that still stand to this day.

Tonight, the Veteran Boob Classers got together for a playdate, which we often do now.  I missed out on a few years of those playdates while we were back in the Midwest hangin’ with our Iowa pals, but it didn’t take much to get right back into the groove of things.  We laugh, have a couple glasses of wine, talk, and the kids play.

We often reminisce about those early Boob Class days.  There’s something about being able to whip out your breast in front of a group of people and not have anyone bat an eye that bonds you for life.  At the time, I probably could have identified each set of “girls” in a line up.  Afterall, someone has to have the longest nipples!

So, on this Flashback Friday, here are the kids that brought us together and while our group has grown substantially with new friends and siblings, I always go back to this photo to best represent my first few months of parenting.

It’s Better Out Of Context

I have a 5 year old little girl and a very soon to be 3 year old little boy.  As a full time mom (what a stupid expression) rather a woman that is around her children all day, I have found myself doing things I swore I would never do.  Like using my hand to wipe snot off my kid’s face and then wiping that snot on my pants.  Or eating that last bite of super soggy cookie that my child fell asleep with in their hand on the way home from somewhere.

More than just doing things I find odd or disgusting, I find myself saying things that shock me.  Some phrases are just bizarre and for some reason, last week was chock full of these odd snippets of conversation that are still making me giggle.

I am choosing to not elaborate on the context in which these were said because that’s like having to explain a joke.  Go ahead and try to figure out what I was talking about – I will tell you this, each and every one was said to Rory.

  • I’m pretty sure goldfish don’t want to live in your eye.
  • Can you think of a better name than Super Nipples?
  • How many times do I have to tell you that Mommy doesn’t have a penis?
  • Do you think you would like to eat blood?
  • Get in Sissy’s hole!

The last one was said in mixed company, so my friend, Janis, and really anyone else within earshot, got to enjoy that one.  I did kind of yell it too.