Kamryn’s Day At Work

Daughter & Daddy before leaving for work.

Today Ryan took Kamryn to work with him for Take Your Daughter To Work Day.  She was so excited about it last night when she went to bed she said she “I can’t sleep!  My teeth keep smiling!”  She was up bright and early at 5:44 and ready to rock-n-roll.  If only her dad was as excited to go to work as she was everyday.

They had a lot of things planned for the kids accompanying their parents to work and as excited as Kamryn was about it, Ryan was hoping she wasn’t disappointed.  He works for a company in the aerospace industry.  They have lots of cool technology that may be a little above the comprehension level of a 5 year old, but I was fairly confident that she would at least pretend like she thought it was awesome.

Kamryn got to try out a Helmet Mounted Display, or HMD for those in the know.  She was looking at a video game – something like Call Of Duty.  They kept the machine gun simulators away while the kids were there.  Ryan said when you have the helmet on it’s like putting you in the game.  If you look to the right, it’s like scrolling over to the right in the game.  Pretty sweet.  I asked Kamryn what she thought of it and and she kind of laughed and said “I couldn’t see.  My head was too small.”  I guess we’ll have to send Rory and his 95th percentile sized head next time.


When Kamryn and Ryan got home around 1:00, after their pizza lunch, she showed me her swag bag with all kinds of goodies in it.

Kamryn's Loot

Kamryn has already asked to go back to Daddy’s work so I’m pretty sure she had a good time.  Once Rory found out that she got free candy and that she actually shared it with him, he wants her to go back too!