I Need An Exorcism In Aisle Two

I am a bit at a crossroads with our summer.  We have had one of the busiest and most fun summers this year and we’re only halfway through!  There have only been a handful of days where we haven’t had at least one activity planned which make the days much more fun for me and the kids.

Today was the first in a long line of days where the fun is catching up to all of us.  We have next to nothing to eat except stale cereal, saltines (no soup) and a can of cherry pie filling in the pantry so a trip to the grocery store is definitely in order.  I am all for bribing when it comes to parenting so I told the kids if they were good, I would let them pick out a movie from Redbox since I had a free movie code.  (You can get a free one too – text SCREEN to 727272.  You’ll get a text with your code and then an additional text asking you to reply “Y” to confirm your subscription to GAMES.  I’m not going to respond so hopefully that won’t be an issue and I’m sure standard messaging rates apply, blah, blah, blah, T’s & C’s.)

I was just about ready to tell the kids to get their shoes on when Kamryn came out and asked me if she had gymnastics today.  I told her, “No, not until Thursday.”

Enter Beelzebub.  She started wailing and screamed/sobbed, “I CAN’T WAIT ONE MORE DAY!”  And being the understanding and sympathetic mother that I am, I responded, “Good, because you have to wait 2 days.”


She wouldn’t let me take a picture of her when she was crying even after I told her it was for my blog. Sheesh!

Then she started repeating, “I CAN’T WAIT 2 MORE DAYS!  I CAN’T WAIT 2 MORE DAYS!”  and kicked a ball at the sliding glass door.  That landed her in her room, where she continued to wail.  I don’t use the word wail very often, but that is definitely the only way to describe what she was doing.

She sat in there for about 5 minutes and then came out and plopped herself right in front of my face and repeatedly hmmphed at me.  Rory started whipping his shirt at her and laughing.  As you can imagine, that went over like a fart in church.  Kamryn was about to bring the pain when I ordered both children to “stand down!” in myI’m not fucking around anymore voice.

Kamryn stomped off, Rory ran to another room and I continued to document it all here.  If you forgot, this started with not having her scheduled, weekly gymnastics class today.  Absolutely ridiculous.  If I gave her a puppy and then murdered it in front of her, I wouldn’t expect the kind of display she exhibited.  That’s harsh, I like puppies and wouldn’t hurt one, but seriously, girl, get your shit together!

All is quiet on the western front right now, but that is going to change when I inform both children that we are going to the store and they’ll be getting a movie from Redbox over my dead, cold, stiff body.




He’s Lucky He’s Cute

Rory will be 3 years old on March 3rd.  He’s just a little guy – barely able to wear 24 month clothes and still wearing t-shirts that he got when he was an infant.  However, his personality is HUGE.  He is a feisty little guy and at times can be really difficult. 

My kids almost always behave in public and that leads people to believe that my kids behave the same way at home.  Any parent knows that isn’t the case and unless my kids know you extremely well, they don’t tend to show their true colors. 

The last few days have been especially trying when it comes to Rory.  He’s still potty training and although he’s doing a pretty good job, when he does have an accident, it’s not really an accident.  For example, he peed in his carseat the other day.  I know he could have held it until we got home, but he peed and then laughed as he told me.  He kept saying “That’s funny, Mama.”  Other times he has stood right in front of me and peed.  Just like Regan in The Exorcist except he doesn’t tell me I’m going to die up there and he’s not possessed, at least I don’t think he is…

We are also cutting out Rory’s naps.  I know he still needs a little one everyday and I let him sleep, but I don’t actually put him down for a real nap like I used to.  He would easily sleep for 3 hours and then be up for just as many hours that night.  So now I just let him crash wherever he lands and let him sleep for at most, an hour. 

And finally, once Rory turns 3, he no longer is getting his binky.  I won’t let him have one during the day at all, but he does still have it at night.  That has probably been the biggest obstacle as of late.  Usually he would get upset about something, go find his binky and his “B” (his blanket) and settle himself down.  Now that he doesn’t get binky, he just gets more pissed off. 

All of these things have resulted in a lot of crying, tantrums and screaming in our house.  Some coming from Rory and some coming from me.  Kamryn has been trying to keep Rory in check and I usually don’t stop her because she speaks the truth.  It’s kind of funny to listen to her say “Rory, if you don’t stop crying, I won’t let you play with any toys and mommy is going to put you in your room.”  She says it in a really sweet, sing-songy voice and he listens to her.

After a few particular frustrating conversations about snacks and when they would be administered, Rory climbed up on my lap and fell asleep.  I love holding sleeping babies.  They are just so peaceful and it was a nice reminder that my Little Buddy is just that…my little buddy.

Sorry for the boob shot – just focus on the cute little boy.