Flashback Friday

Kamryn's first day of school

I’m not flashing back very far, but it feels like ages ago.  This was Kamryn’s first day of school this year.  When I look at this picture, I am shocked at how just a few months can so drastically change a kid – not only in appearance, but in maturity as well.

Today Kamryn decided to wear that same jean skirt to school.  Once she had it on, I was yanking it down on her hips because it went from an acceptable length to a questionable length in the last 8 months.

I had a brief pang of anxiety as I fast forwarded 10 years and I tried to quickly decide what I would do if my then 15 year old daughter walked out with a itty-bitty mini skirt on.  I couldn’t make a decision.

Some would think this is a no-brainer and would tell their child to go change.  I don’t see it that way.  I want Kamryn to make an intelligent decision when it comes to how she presents herself, not only in her physical appearance, but with her personality as well.  I don’t expect her to be able to do this entirely on her own – I intend to try and guide her the best I can, but in order for her to learn this skill, she may have to have a few failures along the way.

The thing that really sucks about about raising a teenage girl is that I’m worried about it already and she is only 5!  I have 8 more years before she even reaches age 13.  For the next 8 years, I’m going to start a campaign to bring back the fashions I wore in high school in the early 90’s.  Minus the snap-crotch body suits.  Who’s with me?