Too Much Olympics?

I have been watching The Olympics during almost every waking hour.  The only events that I’m not really into are soccer and basketball, unless USA is playing.  I’m not sure what it is about these two that I don’t find appealing…well, I don’t like soccer ever, but I usually do enjoy basketball.

Last night before I went to bed I was watching the women’s gymnastic prelims or qualifying round – I don’t know the terminology.  The kids had been in bed for about 30 minutes when I heard a bedroom door open.  Kamryn came in and said she couldn’t sleep because she wasn’t tired.

I let her watch for a few minutes and then, on her own, she got up and went back to her room.  I watched for about another 45 minutes before shutting off the TV and going to bed.

I don’t sleep through the night and usually wake up multiple times.  Sometimes I can roll over and fall back asleep, other times I toss and turn for hours.  Last night I woke up at 11:30 and thought I heard someone talking.  I looked towards the bedroom door and could see the glow of the living room TV.

Ryan was right next to me so I got up to see who (although I had a good idea) was watching TV.  Kamryn was perched on the couch, in the dark, with remote in hand.  I asked her what she was doing and she said, “Watching The Olympics.”

Kamryn has been pretty excited about watching all of the events.  She wanted to watch boxing on Saturday and today we were watching kayaking.  It doesn’t surprise me that she likes watching gymnastics, swimming and diving.  I liked watching all of those when I was younger too, but I like that she is branching out to some of the lesser known sports.

That being said, I don’t think I can allow my 5 year old to get up in the middle of the night to watch the games.  Maybe in another 4 years it would be a bit more acceptable, but she’s not even able to spell Olympics, much less make the decision on when she should be watching them.

The only thing that I considered was that she may have not been 100% awake when she ventured out into the living room and turned the on TV.  I considered demanding that she go to bed, but it wasn’t a battle I felt like fighting.  I left her in the living room to watch her late night gymnastics meet.

A few minutes later, I couldn’t hear the voices from the TV and no longer saw the glow reflecting off the hallway wall.  I got up again and saw that her bedroom door was still open so I went back into the living room and found Kamryn laying flat on the couch with her arms crossed across her chest.

It was a little disturbing.  I tried to wake her, although not really that hard and typically, if I persist, she’ll start to laugh if she’s just faking.  I picked her up and put her in her bed, where she remained until 7:30 am.

I haven’t asked Kamryn if she remembers getting up last night because that will only encourage her to do it again.  She’s kind of odd that way.