Blue Traveler

We were on the road, or actually the air, all day today.  We were heading back to Iowa for Ryan’s mom’s wedding.

We have all been anticipating the wedding for a few months…all for a variety of reasons.  Kamryn is getting her first run at being a flower girl so as you might imagine, she’s just a tass but excited.  She tried on her dress right when we got here and she said she was just like a princess.  I may be slightly biased, but even with a day on a plane and another 2 hours in the car, disheveled hair, and missing tooth, I think she is right.

Our trip has had a few hiccups.  We cut it awfully close on getting to the airport this morning.  We left the house about 15 minutes later than planned and that left us in a huge line for security.  That actually turned out pretty well for us because there was no waiting at the gate.  Once we got to our final destination in Des Moines we realized we forgot the carseats. 

I asked the rental company about renting some and they told me it was going to be $15 a day…each.  The woman at the desk suggested we go and buy them instead.  I concurred. 
There was a Target nearby so we let the kids pick out some new seats and we headed north.

We were watching some very ominous clouds to the west.  I haven’t seen clouds like that for awhile, but I knew we were in for some serious weather.  A few minutes later, we were stuck in a huge storm.


After the excitement of the storm, we heard, “Are we there yet?”  for the next two hours straight.  Kamryn is not one who likes to wait for anything, but now that we have made it to our location, she’s got a marshmallow cooking in the firepit and is patiently awaiting her s’mores.