Cheap is as cheap does

I consider myself to be cheap, but only when I want to be. If there is something I really want, I can justify the expense in any number of ways. However, there are also things that I really don’t like spending money on. Ironically, they are things that I typically use every single day.

Two of the things I detest spending money on are towels and sheets. Some argue that sheets are never something to skimp on. I have never spent more than $30 on a complete set of sheets for our queen sized bed. I don’t sleep well at night and you would think that I would do anything I could to ensure a good night’s sleep, but if I spent $600 on some sheets, I guarantee that’s not going to help me sleep.

Towels are next on the list. Again, I have heard all the hype about big fluffy towels. Hell, they make all kinds of commercials with kids and stuffed bears falling in them, but I am not a fan of big fluffy towels. The fluffier the towel, the longer it takes to dry my body. I really don’t feel like they absorb well – they’re too busy being all soft and cozy to do their real job. Pretentious towels. I buy my towels at Walmart for $2.50 each. They are awesome. They’re white so I can bleach them and they are really absorbent. I have had the current set for about 4 years and they’re still going strong!

Every morning when I get up, I check my email and Facebook accounts. After that, I have about 10 discount shopping/deal sites that I look at. I’m not looking for anything in particular, I just like to see what’s out there and if I happen upon a good deal, I just may buy something. I came across these great deals this week. Both of these could be yours for $9.99 each. You can thank me later.

The little iron reminds me of the skit from SNL with Will Ferrell and the tiny cell phone.

1 thought on “Cheap is as cheap does

  1. I'm with you on the towels. And the bigger and fluffier they are, the longer they take to dry in the dryer too. So, how I see it, I'm helping Mother Earth by using less electricity.

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