Flashback Friday Happy Birthday Edition!

I have lots of friends with a birthday today and I am really tired.  So I’m kind of taking the easy way out with my blog post.  It’s also my grandma’s birthday and for the record, I don’t send my grandma the same kind of cards that I send my dad.  His birthday is Monday…check back for his special card I made for him.

My Grandma Lee

It’s pretty obvious how I met my grandma.  My grandma is awesome.  She always has been.  Her and my grandpa were always spoiling us when we were kids and she still does to this day.  Grandma never forgets a birthday, and the woman can tell stories!  I typed up her memoirs for her a couple of years ago.  The stories were fascinating and she has told me other stories, not included in the memoirs, that are for a more mature audience.  I don’t know if she would approve of me passing those stories along on here so I’ll keep those to myself and maybe I’ll write some memoirs someday and include them there.

Janis with her two beautiful babies, Jack and Violet.

Janis and I met in Boob Group (AKA Breastfeeding Support Group) after Jack and Kamryn were born.  I had been attending Boob Group for a couple of months before Janis came in with Jack for the first time, but it wasn’t long after that first time that I knew we were meant to be friends.  Each time the group met, we went around the room and discussed any problems or questions we had.  One day Janis asked, “What do you guys do with your babies all day?  Should I be trying to teach him French?”  She also dressed Jack in a onesie that said “No hablo.”  Hilarious.  We kept in touch during the time I was living in Iowa so naturally, we picked up right where we left off once I moved back to San Diego.

Matt and his Shake Weight.

I don’t know that I really need to explain anything about Matt.  He has a Shake Weight in his hand for Christ’s sake!  I actually don’t remember the first time I met Matt.  Him and my brother were friends and it seems that my brother’s friends eventually end up being my friends.  I happened to spill Hpnotiq all over his white shirt at an Iowa Football game once and after trying to convince him to let me buy him a new shirt, I ended up buying his dog, Wrigley, a box of Milkbones instead.  I’m pretty sure Wrigley found it to be a fair deal.


Oh Espy.  Esperanza and I used to work together.  I first met her when I had to interview her for her job.  She came in my office and I think I asked her one work-related question before we got completely off topic.  We sat and talked for about an hour and she said something that always stuck with me.  She told me that she had had some hard times, but if she makes a decision that she wants something, then she’ll do whatever it takes to do it.  The reason it stuck with me is because she actual does do it.  Espy made me laugh all the time.  She told me I was the whitest girl she ever met and tried, with some success, to teach me how to roll my r’s when speaking Spanish.  She had a nickname for me, that I could never remember and for all I know, she was calling me a dirty whore, but I didn’t care because I liked how she said it.

So happy birthday to all my wonderful friends and family today!!

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