Vacation Post III

Last night, after spending a day at Wrigley Field, we headed back to Miller’s Pub for dinner. Ryan and I had stopped in at this place the night before for a night cap and we met Frankie. Frankie is a homeless man, but he told me he always keeps a smile on his face. He said he tries to get $53 a day so he can get a room because he’s tired of sleeping in the park. Frankie was outside again last night and was smiling from ear to ear. I asked him if he got enough money to get a room and he said he did. I had told all of my friends about Frankie and within a few minutes we had dinner for him, over half his cash for a room and a potential job greeting customers at a bank.


Did I mention Frankie has a huge white afro? He thanks his grandfather for that.

If you’re in downtown Chicago anytime soon, go see Frankie and help him out. He’s got a lot of interesting stories about his life and his energy is contagious.

2 thoughts on “Vacation Post III

  1. Wow. $53 dollars a day for his bare necessities which includes a bed and a roof overhead. Really makes you think. I generally do no give money on the street to homeless people, however, my friend and I were driving through the plaza the other day and saw a man down on his luck with a young girl and an infant child. By infant I mean a max of 8 wks old). Needless to say, we face give money. Seemed honest, but not at all spreading sunshine. He was so down. Said he would take any job he can get. So sad. Sometimes you just know when it is right to step in and give a little hand out.

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